I started sewing and altering suits in 2011. I was determined to bring a level of quality and customer service to my local competitors, after hearing, seeing and experiencing poor quality and service for myself. As a competitor, it's frustrating to not get what you pay for.

Within a few short months of helping friends and local competitors, I was getting more inquiries nationally for my quality and it evolved into Platinum Design. I have personally competed for several years and understand the importance of the fit, quality, and color. The details down to the last stone can make all the difference. 


Each suit is material color hand selected, pattern customized, cut and sewn each professionally by me not a 2nd party, NOT purchased and stoned claiming to be "custom".


I grew up making my own clothes for school dances, beading jewelry to sell to neighbors, and finding it to be a calming place to take my mind. Designing Competition suits has allowed me to share my creativity with you while bringing a quality product.  

When designing your suit, it is top priority to make sure the cut is perfect for your body and booty. Using your photos when comparing your personal details to hair, skin tone with material colors, crystal combinations, ensuring you are getting the best design for your over classic look. You work too hard to not have the suit complete your winning physique. 


Everything is top quality from connectors to 100% Swarovski crystal not glass. I am so blessed to meet and work with so many talented professional athletes and can't wait to show you what it feels like to wear a suit made custom for you.


Why is my company named "Platinum Design"? Well, of course my signature hair color is platinum, BUT when you hear platinum not only does it mean rare and unique  but is the highest quality of the 3 precious metals. When you hear Platinum Design, I want you to know your getting the highest quality competition suit with a unique classic look.